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3 more hours...thank God...it is so funny. This guy I work with sent me this riddle. It took me 4 minutes to solve...how long will it take you?

You're in a house...with 3 light switches down stairs and 3 light bulbs up stairs...how can you tell which light switch goes to which bulb?
Here is the catch..you can only go upstairs once..and once you go up you can't go back down....there are no windows of any kind...

Then he told me that I sucked because it took him 2 days to figure out the answer (shrug) Go figure...

Turn one of the light switches on for 5 minutes. Turn it back off. Turn one of the light switches on. Go upstairs.

Whichever light is on that is the one with the light switch that is on downstairs.
Feel the other 2 light bulbs that are off. Which ever one is the warmest is the one that you left on for about 5 minutes. The coldest lightbulb is the one that you did not turn on at all.
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